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Author and Backstory of

The Refining Fire

      The Refining Fire was written and illustrated by Godwin Cotter, a amateur comic book artist living in Winnipeg, Manitoba.   While attending the University of Toronto decades ago, Godwin  cartooned for an assortment of university newspapers as well as the now defunct pro-life monthly The Uncertified Human. 


       The Refining Fire  was greatly expanded from a short series of comic strips under the byline of Captain Fly published in The Newspaper,  Canada's largest independent student newspaper.  After a brief run of the comic series, the editors decided to discontinue it.

      About two years ago, Godwin Cotter joined a group called Exodus 90 committed to helping men develop a prayer life and maintain  a digital fast from unnecessary internet. Exodus 90 greatly assisted Godwin in finishing and publishing this comic book. 


      On December 8th of 2020, Pope Francis proclaimed the next 12 months as The Year of St. Joseph.    Godwin asked St. Joseph's intercession and from that point it seemed like the completion of the comic went into a warp speed phase.

         Hopefully you will enjoy reading it and have a blessed day.

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