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  • Godwin Cotter

"Mr. Cuomo, do not build this Death Star."

So wrote Archbishop Edward Scharfenberger in his January 19, 2019 letter to urge New York governor Andrew Cuomo not to enact the most extreme abortion legislation in the United States, legislation that had the potential of criminalizing and delicensing healthcare workers who refuse to participate in abortions.

When the incident passed through the lens of the mainstream media, Cuomo emerged looking like a dark-haired Luke Skywalker, and Scharfenberger like an unmasked Darth Vader. But that was yesterday. The MSM had lionized and fawned over the likes of Andrew Cuomo for decades until suddenly, it came out that Governor's platforming and photo-ops on "women's issues" had a fox-in-the-hen-house component. With seven (and counting) women coming forward to shout their harassment stories, the MSM suddenly realized that the lens cap has been on the camera all this time. Once the lens cap came off, they were finally able to supply the general public with the real picture. "Our bad, so sorry, so sad."

But the good Bishop was being unfair to Cuomo. We really have to go a few generations back and ask the statesmen of yesteryear, "Do not build this Death Star." Seriously, how many women? Our sisters, mothers and daughters, our neighbors, our classmates, friends, and colleagues—how many women have been pressured into undergoing abortions? Is there a woman alive who would choose to go through an abortion if the child's father had her back? What if the child's father—and society-at-large—loved them both? With abortion we're talking major, invasive surgery, and a life event whose memory will be either suppressed or replayed through the woman's mind over and over again.

Basically the statement "It's a woman's choice" or "My body, my choice" is just our culture's shorthand for the message to women: " The child's father is gone, how would you like to pay the bill?"

Now that we have a Catholic in the White House, dare we ask: "Mr. President, please, de-commission, repurpose, dismantle, do anything you can to get rid of the Death Star. It has been stalking our planet for far too long."

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