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  • Godwin Cotter

For two years I have been a member of an Exodus 90 fraternity. I haven't purchased any of their merch. I was kind of hoping they might have something like this. But to go back to the topic of reading roulette.

I am a little ADHD . My mind acts like a random sentence generator, but I gotta say, I think there are some connections between thoughts. I'm not as bad as some, I'm not on the level of some university profs who can toss up a word salad capable of gaslighting out of existence any logical synapses you have left. But I wanted to talk about an archaic random sentence generator that utilizes an outdated technology we old-timers refer to as books

St. Francis used this method when he opened the Gospel book at random. His eyes fell on the words, “Go and sell all you own and give the money to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come follow me.” My 16 year-old daughter grabbed a book from the young adult section in the school library and tried the same thing. Her eyes fell on the sentence “Even though he had just tried to kill me, he sure looked hot in his tight white jeans.” Such a contrast but that's typical fare for Young Adult literature: pretty young female meets brooding young vampire with a bad attitude and eyes like two smoldering volcanoes. But don't you judge the vamp! After all, you'd be kind of goth too after being an friendless teen outsider for a couple of centuries. It would be increasingly difficult to keep a lid on all that long-festering angst, the secret alternative lifestyle, and the raging bestial hunger, all three of which are reaching a simultaneous boiling point.

I wonder if there is some marketing ploy going on, where the advertising industry is trying to turn some design flaw into a hot new "don't-miss-out" selling feature. You know what they do: this beer still has some sediment at the bottom of the bottle, we’re going to charge extra. This laundry detergent has the aroma of a landfill, let's emblazon that in gold letters on the package. Hey, we’ve been having a hard time moving today's batch of young eligible men. Hey I know, let’s create the aesthetic that young, vampiric blood suckers are sexy. We can unload so many, our basements will belong to us again. As a side benefit, come tax season, governments may appreciate society's adulation of vampiric blood suckers.

Lady Astor said, “I married beneath me, all women do.” It’s true and it’s always been that way, but I think the gender gap is widening. Males just don’t seem to be anywhere near the same league.

There’s a pick-up line where a girl says to a boy, “What sort of fabric is that shirt you’re wearing? Oh, I recognize it now, it’s boyfriend material.” Today that material is so poorly made it’s risky to tear it out of the package, the shirt may rip to pieces before the plastic.

In today's comic page, Eve goes on a rant, basically about men not being grown-ups, shirking responsibility, leaving their women when they are most needed by them. There is a lot of truth in that. I think men have to up their game spiritually. Go to some sort of spiritual boot camp. I wish they had something like Exodus 90 Kids for high-school aged teens.

To see Eve's back story click on Repentance.

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