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  • Godwin Cotter

Focus Group Member 1: If scares were screams, this comic book would shatter glass. My teeth chattered like wind-chimes in a hurricane when I read it. I shivered like a naked mole rat suddenly teleported to Ice Station Zebra. My heart stopped mid-beat every 10 seconds. I couldn't sleep for weeks afterwards.

Editors Note: Very few people on the planet previewed of this comic book, only those in a strictly anonymous focus group, The focus group members have been sworn to secrecy and their names have not been revealed to prevent the round-the-clock harassment by the curious, the paparazzi and unscrupulous tabloid journalists.

So many FearoftheLordcomics fans can't wait to dive into this comic book and take a look around. The unprecedented success of previous comics, The Christmas Present, The Refining Fire, Repentance and NROP Glasses sent expectations went into the stratosphere. Not only that, but subscriptions entered into the double digits. We can't give you any spoilers, but we will publish some of the first impressions from focus group members, one of which was given above. Here are some more comments from the lucky few that were given advanced viewing.

Focus Group Member 2: Gosh darn it all, I'm just going to give y'all the unvarnished truth. This comic book is uber-scary, So-o-o-o-o scary that it should be given its own rating category. I was only able to read it through to the end because I was drunk out of my mind. Even then I had to cover my eyes for some of the panels. I recommend only reading this comic book while wearing a blindfold with calming music being piped into the room on an extra slow tempo, or even better, the sound of a gentle breeze and trickling water playing at 1/4 speed.

Focus Group Member 3: I was able to read this comic book one panel at the time, provided I did fifteen minutes of box breezing exercises between each panel. Once I made the mistake of skipping the calming breathing exercises and read two panels in a row. I slept under the bed that night, but still couldn't stop tossing and turning. Please read this comic book with extreme caution.

Focus Group Member 4: Do not read this comic book!! Let ignorance continue to be your bliss. I wish I could return to that state but now I know definitively that Nothing stalks our planet, our civilization, our way of life. Nothing is the greatest challenge we have faced as humanity. Be afraid ,be very afraid!!

Editor's Final note: This scary comic will begin next week. Please read with caution. God bless.

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1 Comment

Jul 20, 2022

Yipes. I will have to read this one with my ears plugged, for sure.

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