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Previously on The Rise of Nothing: The comic book universe is experiencing an existential crisis as white space occurs at the base of every panel, threatening to eventually white out everything. To top it all off, on the previous page, Jimmy McRich announced that the Creator has told him that the comic book ends in two pages. If Jimmy is right, this comic book has one more page after the page displayed above.

Did this comic book create itself, in some sort of near-infinite series of chance occurrences?

We may also ask, did life on our planet occur similarly by a a very long series of fortuitous accidents?

Cicero (106-43 B.C.) commented that if one thought the entire magnificent universe happened by chance, "I do not see how he would not also expect a large quantity of letters of the alphabet, tossed onto the ground to form themselves into the books of Ennius!" In like manner, The Infinite Monkey Theorem states that a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter for an infinite amount of time will surely type any given text, such as the complete works of William Shakespeare. So can the same thing happen with comic books and material universes? Does all existence have blind chance as its ultimate author, or is the ultimate Author of reality God?

The theory of an un-designed universe created by blind chance is never on such thin ice than with the theorized abiogenesis of life. As scientists realize more and more how crazily complex the "simplest" cell really is, they merely add a few hundred million more years into the universe's theoretical timeline. What develops is a no-mercy cage match between impossible odds and impossibly long lengths of time. "Abiogenesis is a never in a million years proposition? Just make it 5 million years, problem solved, thank you very much!"

Let's look into the nuts and bolts of accidental emergence of life. To begin with, some brand-name designer, energy-rich molecules need to assemble themselves spontaneously from numerous smaller inorganic molecules. In terms of chance occurrence, we're looking at the equivalent to roulette wheel spins hitting the jackpot 20 times in a row. (We're looking at roughly 20 varieties of amino acids, 5 varieties of nucleic acids, plus various sugar and lipid molecules.) In terms of energy being stored in the formation of each designer molecule, the marble has to roll uphill each time. No casino would allow such "chance occurrences" to go unchallenged, but we will allow them for sake of argument. Next, the amino acids need to assemble themselves into very precise polypeptide chains or proteins, each link-up requiring the introduction of more energy packages. The same applies to the nucleic acids and sugars linking up to form DNA and RNA. The marble has to roll uphill with the rotational power of a hamster wheel powered by a robo-hamster on amphetamines... When it comes to probability, it now is equivalent to all the gambling machines in las Vegas hitting the jackpot 1000 times in a row.

Still, let's allow the "life-is-merely-an-accident" advocates to maintain their chance occurrence position and go to the next level. All the randomly occurring molecules and precise chains of molecules now must arrange themselves into a what constitutes a living cell (cytoplasm, various organelles, some sort of cell membrane or wall, etc.) They must be arranged such that the accidentally formed cell and accidentally formed components begin carrying on the tasks of life, including obtaining energy, using said energy to build and maintain the cell, eventually to replicate the cell, etc.) Now the odds of such an accident happening reach infinity.

To repeat, the processes going on in the simplest cells are mind-bogglingly complex.

Many young people today are abandoning Christianity for "science". Were they really educated in science, they would realize that a belief in "blind-chance-molecules-to-man" evolution requires a blind faith in the same number of miracles found in the Bible multiplied 100 times over. To quote Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, "God is in the details." True science brings us to God's loving embrace.

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1 Comment

Dianne Patti
Dianne Patti
Apr 04, 2023

So creative! Thank you.

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