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Writing a comic book for me can be a spiritual experience. You don’t always know in advance what will be happening on the next page. While on that topic, a shout out to Dave Wanat, a prolific Christian comic guy at Pardon my A-D-D interjection, but on to what I was saying earlier, sometimes in my relatively brief comic book writing life, a Forest Gump quote is apt: “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.”

As I was drawing out the panels for the upcoming comic page, the characters spoke to me and I quickly jotted down the dialogue. I am not sure what is happening. It may be like when Pinocchio started giving orders to Geppetto while he was still being whittled out of a piece of wood. Or it may be like the times I rashly decided to by go off script, went with my gut and followed a hunch. It makes life more interesting as compensation for making it less successful.

Anyways, I was envisioning two above characters settling down to a polite conversation but then they started to quarrel. One of them got tongue tied and went silent. I decided go with it, although it will require revisions, and additional pages.

There are times when it seems like the story is writing itself or angels are reading you scripts. Then there are times you have to force things forward, ram a square peg into a round hole, turn a blind eye and deaf ear to your internal quality control department and fire away. The quality control department can be both an enemy or a friend.

Anyways, I hope you will subscribe to see what happens in the Repentance comic. I have subscribed in the sense that I am committed to finishing it. I would like to see what happens.. Hopefully you also.

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1 Comment

David Wanat
David Wanat
Jan 14, 2022

Thank you for the shout out.

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