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  • Godwin Cotter

"We're in a battle for the very soul of this nation. It's a battle I know we will win."

President Joe Biden said, on publishing his executive order removing any road-blocks to enable irreversible sex change operations on minors.

Meanwhile, Pope Francis recently opined that governments forcing schools to include gender ideology in the curriculum was “ideological colonization” and added that “the same was done by the dictators of the last century. … think of the Hitler Youth.”

Which of the world's two most prominent Catholics is right? It's not just a minor misunderstanding. Elsewhere Pope Francis described gender ideology as "evil" and "demonic". But the Biden/Harris Administration fact sheet firmly entrenches gender ideology in almost everything they touch, including schools.

But before I opine on this burning question I wanted to bring readers up to date on The Rise of Nothing. It seems to be occupational hazard to someone trying to write satirical comedy today, to be regularly outflanked in ridiculousness by reality. Reductio ad absurdum often is a race that you can't win with how fast society is progressing!

But anyways, in a nutshell, the inhabitants of this comic book are finding themselves systemically de-platformed due to rising nothingness at the bottom of the panels. The world leaders went to the World Economic Finktank summit to arrive at a strategy as a way forward. After a week the president returned and announced two major strategies to battle the rising nothingness. The first was the exacting of a Global Nothingness Tax. The next was the mandating of Nothingness Awareness Education in all institutions of learning, starting with kindergarten and reaching into graduate departments in universities. In the latest panel, the news media break down the president's speech for the comic book inhabitants.

But returning to questions raised earlier. Who is gaslighting the young, Pope Francis and his condemnation of gender ideology, or President Joe Biden and his condemnation of anyone opposing gender ideology? First let's look at examples of gaslighting, intentional and unintentional.

The serpent engaged in some gaslighting when tempting Eve. The snake (I'm unsure what pronoun to use for the devil) insinuated that God didn't want Eve to become wise or like God. He/She/They/Zer manipulated Eve psychologically to mistrust her own senses and experiences. The hidden subtext carries the suggestion is that God is a meanie, actually an enemy of mankind. God wants to keep them down: essentially the serpent paints God in the image of the devil.

Now for unintentional gaslighting. Medical students often fall prey to what has been labelled medical students' disease, (also known as second year syndrome or intern's syndrome). Students, after an extensive textbook tour of all kinds or ailments, coupled with ward visits and committing to memory a long list of symptoms of feared maladies, become convinced that they have contracted the dreaded illnesses. Med students are usually individuals of high intelligence and compassion. They have to pass a battery of academic, character and psychological tests even to get into med school. They have had much more education in the medical arts than the general public. In spite of all of this, medical students' disease happens so often to them that it has been named after them. Med students are on top of the food chain by most metrics, yet even they they can be sidelined by irrational fear seizing control of the mind, A malicious voice whispers lies into their heads, "You have ailment A, probably aliment B also. If neither of those kill you, then ailment C will finish the job. Can't you see, you have all the symptoms. That one indicator that you are perfectly healthy is obviously false. "

Fortunately we don't kick such sufferers out of med school if they come down with this disease. Neither do we treat them for the disease they imagine they have. The medical schools patiently work with sufferers to help them see that there is nothing wrong with them, it is their thinking and their fevered diagnosis that is wrong. An constant exposure to clinical information on maladies and abnormalities can temporarily break down the mind. We recognize that fear and anxiety can remove capacity for rational thought and decision making. Med students who beat this disease will most likely go on to be more compassionate and capable doctors. They have survived the ordeal of unintentional but very real gaslighting, convincing them that they surely must have every disease they have been exposed to via lectures and the medical textbooks.

Now consider the schools worldwide where a heavy dose of gender ideology is given elementary school children, even those in kindergarten. Drag queens visit, pronouns and gender identity are discussed, small children may be instructed on the joys of self-stimulation, much mention is made of alternative life-styles or sexual practices. Some of these kids still believe that Santa Claus and Superman are real. But with the cattle chute method of education, we expose developing minds to a box car of information on what used to be euphemistically called "adult".

If it can happen to med students, how much more can the mind of a child be overwhelmed by an unconscionable overexposure to this intense information chock full of the full spectrum of adult sexual proclivities and what-if-I'm-not-who-my-parents-and my body say-I-am? The seed of an invasive species has been sown in the imagination. Today culture and its 24-7 culturally left media bias will provide it with all the plant food, oxygen and sunshine it needs to take root.

If the poor confused minor, after having their young developing mind soaked in the latest gender ideology variant that the universities have released from the university, the child begins to think that he or she is really another gender. Then the puberty blockers and surgical knives come out. Parents, pastors and psychologists who may try to get the minor to listen to the voice of the past centuries, maybe be jailed, cancelled, fired or removed.

It does boggle the mind how governments will force schools to teach such information, even against wishes of parents, those who love and sacrifice for their children most. It is so obviously a travesty, an attack on children. However, society can quickly become blind to their own horrendous sins and human rights abuses. Alexander Pope (1688-1744) wisely wrote:

"Vice is a monster of such frightful mien,

as to be hated, needs but to be seen,

yet seen too oft, familiar with her face,

we first endure, then pity, then embrace."

I disagree with President Joe Biden and his executive order to facilitate this goulish and grisly surgery that removes fully-functional and healthy body parts of children and seeks to replace said parts with ones that are cosmetic and non-functional. I disagree with pumping the same children up with hormones that carry a scary amount of side-effects. I disagree with Joe Biden's plan to crimimalize parents or others that object to this irreversible experimental surgery. But I do agree with him when he states "We're in a battle for the very soul of this nation."

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