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"My gift to you is that you will be eaten last." So said the Cyclops to Odysseus. Odysseus and his compatriot sailors were lost and a drift, travelling from place to place trying to return to their true homeland. They are not unlike the modern world that has abandoned its Christian roots and is trying to find a home on one strange new outpost after another. Through naivete and a totally unwarranted expectation of benevolent hospitality from strangers, Odysseus and companions end up imprisoned in the Cyclops' cave. Over and over again once-Christian nations have similarly found themselves trapped and cornered. And there are Cyclopes all over the place; Joseph Stalin, Maximilien Robespierre, Kim Jong Un, Pol Pot, etc.; perhaps Klaus Swab and Admiral Rachel Levine are waiting in the wings for their stage entrance. Always the Cyclopes seem to offer us the same bargain, they imagine that we think the same way they do. Sadly they are often right. "Gee, I can extend my slave existence imprisoned in this dark, sunless cave and get to watch the one-eyed giant devour my friends one by one. I have the Cyclops' word that I will be the last to be eaten! How lucky can a man be!"

Jesus Christ is the opposite to that of the Cyclops, He insists that we eat Him, not the other way round. His gift to us is His body and blood. "For my flesh is true food and my blood is true drink. Those who eat my flesh and drink my blood abide in me, and I in them." And Jesus, unlike the cyclops, always invites us, never coerces us. We can leave at will, should we make that mistake, but He will welcome us back should we repent and decide to rejoin His company. In the above comic page of Repentance, a death row prisoner is promised Christ's body and blood as sustenance, kind of like a gateway drug to eternal life.

Over and over again in history, Christ fells the Cyclops. After 300 years of persecution, a tiny Jewish sect succeeded in overthrowing the gods and emperors of the mighty Roman Empire. During the French Revolution's reign of terror, with its revolving door Cyclopes, more than a few being led to the guillotine joined in Danton's lament "The revolution like Saturn devours its own children". That was the retirement package offered to Members of the National Assembly back then, and the populace learned first hand the nature of a Cyclops and Madame Guillotine. But the revolution and subsequent experiments ran their course and Christianity returned to France with a new springtime. St. John Vianney, the Curé d'Ars, spent 18 hours a day hearing the confessions of trainloads of penitents, daily. In Russia, the 70 year experiment with communism collapsed under its own weight of but not after devouring many millions of its own citizenry. Now the churches are being restored to their former beauty, although it must be said, Godliness in the Russian soul may take longer. At least Russia did protest Eurovision 2014's nod to Christ-mockery in its selection of Austrian singer, Conchita Worst, err I, mean Conchita Wurst as best European entertainer.

 In the Book of Revelation, the final Cyclops will offer the inhabitants of the earth a deal reminiscent of the "sale" of the Brooklyn Bridge to any buyer with more money than common sense. We, inhabitants of the earth will get to make soul-destroying moral compromises. That way we can prolong our sorrowful existence in the blackness of collapsing cave as the seven fearsome bowls of God's wrath are being slowly poured down on the earth. We get gnaw our tongues out in agony, long for death and blaspheme against the Almighty, as punishing despair and woes are visited upon us during the tribulation. This is God's final merciful effort to nudge us towards repentance. How blessed we are if we accept the nudge and how cursed we are if we spurn it.

All that being said, the body count of the Cyclopes is frightening. What about the many don't live to see the defeat of the Cyclops, they only see their own death and defeat? We sometimes forget that the Cyclops' cave is a dank, dark place littered with excrement and dead men's bones. A death with repentance brings us straight out of cave to a place of sunlight, fresh air, flowers, gentle breezes and our true homeland where we are loved and love others.

Next Blog: Part II, Why do so many serve the Cyclops?

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