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In the much loved book series, The Mysterious Benedict Society civilization is on the verge of a paradigm shift from thought freedom to mind control. What's driving the bus is the insidiously instilled fear of the "emergency". Few knew exactly what it was, but all could feel in on the level of the amygdala. In a similar way, The Rise of Nothing continues to stumble forward through trial after trial. Comic book characters are all on edge. Tempers are approaching the auto-combustion point. Increasingly dire circumstances are marshalling many to consider surrendering their personal autonomy to a draconian rule by a triumvirate consisting of three inbred committees; experts, governments and the World Economic Finktank. Comic book characters reassure themselves, that surrender will keep them safe! let us now raise the white flag and raise it high!

Having no connection to anything mentioned above, Exodus 1:9-10 records the following: the Pharaoh said to his people. "Behold, the sons of Israel are too many and too mighty for us. Come and let us deal shrewdly with them, lest they multiply and...fight against us and escape from the land." It is puzzling how the Israelites were enslaved even though they have the advantage in numbers and might. I guess the Pharaoh and his people really did deal shrewdly with the sons of Israel.

There seems to be some shrewd dealing going on in our world. Some background forces seems to be pulling the strings. They are like the Pharaoh. .The modern equivalent of the sons of Israel is Johnny Sixpack and friends ("Sixpack" doesn't refer to abdominal muscle, but rather a beer budget and plebeian tastes). At times we are told that the majority (i.e. Johnny Sixpack et al) must surrender a portion of their rights and freedoms for strongly held concerns of a minority.

A possible illustration is what happened during Covid-19. The healthy majority had to quarantine and medicate for a supposed benefit of the vulnerable minority. Freedom of choice, when it came to vaccination, was effectively cancelled, as was freedom of speech when it contracted the prevailing covid narrative. Many people lost jobs and businesses, there was a dramatic increase in suicides and mental health crises. The unvaccinated were fired and refused freedom of movement. My main point is the rights of the vulnerable minority were protected so much that the whole world was shutdown. Was that wise or was it shrewdness?

At other times, the rights or conscience of the majority trumps the rights and consciences of the minority. Canada's Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is vehemently opposed to granting Canadian doctors a conscience clause to protect them from being forced to refer patients to or assist patients in MAID (Canada's assisted suicide program). Certain minorities are more valued than others.

Actually, methinks that Canadians as a whole would not agree with punishing medical personnel for having a conscience that obeys a deeper law than the ones pushed through by Canadian politicians, notorious for ample dollops of coercion, subterfuge and media smoke screens . Johnny Sixpack may have his unacceptable views but he generally has a decent and tolerant heart. Perhaps therein is the shrewdness in forever consulting the elected, never the electorate, on these types of on issues.

When is comes to issue of transgenders, again the rights of a minority trumps the rights of a majority, so much so the the majority had better remain a silent majority or suffer legal penalties. Again, some shrewd dealing is going on, worthy of the Exodus Pharaoh. No one, not even a politician (especially when having a human moment), really believes that a male swimmer can don a women's bathing suit, pop a few hormone suppressants and compete on a level playing field against swimmers who have lived every moment of their life since their conception, as females. Politicians and their quislings try to cover up their cognitive dissonance by adopting a fierce ignorance on the question of "what is a woman?" But in the end, women's sports and women's bathrooms have been taken from them. I am using the word "woman" here in the simplest and most basic sense that any person "born of woman" instinctively knows in their heart.

In like manner, would anyone want "gender affirming care" for a child they truly loved? "The nice doctor will remove your reproductive parts now, sweetie." Yet governments, libraries and school boards are, for the most part, hell-bent on bringing up the issue with children, children sometimes so young that they still believe in Santa Claus. And increasingly, legislators are criminalizing parents who object.

And then academia and businesses are forcing the adoption of a complex new language and insisting that it be grafted on to plain English: ze and zers, theys and thems no more her and hims, hes and shes. My brother was telling me that his pronouns are "she it". It is getting confusing. And if you maintain there are only two genders you can be removed from an institution of higher learning in a paddy wagon. The English language has organically being simplifying itself, dropping genders and tenses and persons for the past 500 years. Now by decree, two genders are morphing to over 107 at last count and misgendering is a criminal offense. My point is that it is NOT the common man who is insisting on everyday speech becoming rife with difficulty, confusion and falsehood. But even though the overwhelming majority are opposed to what is happening, our politicians, like the Pharaoh, have dealt with us shrewdly and seem to be prevailing.

To complete the metaphor, the mid-wives and Moses' mother saved lives by secretly hiding or shielding children from the machinations of the state. Their equivalents today are parents who via homeschooling or stratagems within schools, protect their children from spiritual and sexual destruction. But the most important scriptural lesson here though, is that while the children of Israel had the numbers and strength to defeat the pharaoh, they never succeeded until they encountered God at the burning bush. We, as a civilization, need to intimately encounter God and do so fast if we are to avoid free the looming sexual and spiritual enslavement of the new Egypt.

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