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The Rise of Nothing is continuing its flashback as it remembers the past. Hopefully, the past can teach. So far, past and present seem like situational comedy; individual characters and society at large seem to have a course set for epic disaster, hardship, and woe. From an external vantage point, we can see the trainwreck as it unfolds. It is all so easily foreseeable but at the same time, we are oblivious to our own personal trainwrecks-in-the-making. Not to worry though, before we were born God anticipated all of mankind's preponderance for self-sabotage and disaster. "For God has imprisoned all in disobedience so that he may have mercy on all." Romans 11:32

God's mercy is always available. Eventually, people cry out to God for relief from their oppressors. God hears the cry of the enslaved Israelites. He hears the cries of repentant sinners. But one wonders why the toll in both death and misery before God acts. The Israelites has their infant sons taken away from them and drowned. The death toll under communism is estimated at 100 million. The Nazis had less time but their body count was still 17 million. But for some people and for some societies, they need to hit rock bottom before they will consider changing direction. They will fall into a pit but they have to realize it. Even the blind can realize it if they allow themselves to. The devastation may be more a result of our stubbornness than God's hesitancy. There is a Japanese Proverb, "Forgiving the unrepentant is like drawing pictures on water." I suppose God will give His mercy to those who ask. Too many don't ask for it, even unconsciously. "We've got this God, we don't need you. Go back to being dead or being a drug-induced illusion." Things continue to get worse and worse until eventually we are forced (or are we really forced) to ask for God's help. I guess that little bit of freedom we have left, we choose to call on God.

A friend who is an orderly was telling me about a shift he was on where four high school boys had a suicide pact. One of the four didn't jump. The other three did and ended up fighting for their lives. We can call on God at any moment of our lives. No matter how bad things are in the world or our lives we always have an ace up our sleeves.

Sometimes I feel discouraged by so many of our leaders to play dead whenever controversial but hinge issues arise. They are happy to lecture us on the issues where Christians and the culture share common ground, but there is nothing but crickets where issues have conflict. A series of fortuitous events had me bump into real live people unexpectedly telling me about the Million Man March. This is happening in Ottawa on Sept 20th of this year to protest the erosion of parental rights as being orchestrated by the Canadian Government and a myriad of cooperating bureaucracies. Less than a week ago I heard about it in Winnipeg from (in my mind) Canada's best politician, Leslyn Lewis, and then a few days later from my sister in Ontario.

So far this has all been under the radar. I'm hoping this will be a pop-up surprise like the Trucker Rally. With the truckers, both organizers and opponents consistently underestimated the nation's response to this eclectic band of independent thinkers with "unacceptable views".

In the 19th Chapter of 1st Kings, the greatest Old Testament prophet, Elijah, complains to God that he, he alone, is left in all Israel, who refused to worship Baal Baal, by the way, could only be mollified by child sacrifice. Any modern equivalents around today? God counters Elijah's dispiriting lament with the revelation that "Nevertheless, I have reserved seven thousand in Israel—all whose knees have not bowed to Baal and whose mouths have not kissed him." Over 365 times the Bible tells us to be not afraid, but we find it hard to listen.

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